You Won’t Have Mitt Romney to Kick Around Any More

So, I’ve moved house, winter has set in, I’m freezing my arse off, and we won’t have to worry about a Mormon president of the United States for another generation or two. The world is safe once again from the Mormondownload (5) World Conspiracy.

I suppose it’ll take a generation at least before the world can honestly ask itself in a reasoned, intellectually honest fashion, if a nice grown-up guy who knows how to handle money, and wears mom jeans even dorkier-looking than his funny underwear, would have been any worse than a hip frat-boy with a sharp crease down his pant leg, who throws money around at problems like a pimp, who can’t shoot a hoop to save his life, who has no voice or rhythm contrary to popular stereotype, and who has almost certainly destroyed American health care, killed American energy, and choked down half the national economy. Would it be better to have as president, a Mormon who believes wrongly or rightly that we’re all born innocent and accountable for our sins, or a debatable Christian who hates the Constitutionimages (60), believes all white people are oppressors, wants to take money from people like Mitt, and hand it out to the unwashed masses in exchange for NObama-Coalition-Johannesburg-South-Africa-press-conf-062213votes, and who is arguably an overt-racist who can’t even bring himself to criticize black youth beating down random white folk in public venues for sport, and above all else, an overtly incompetent poser who’s only conception of “leadership” is to piss and moan and rail against the “Man” until the “Man” is annoyed enough to hand out more goodies and concessions. The president we got instead of Mitt Romney is a Man who doesn’t even know He’s the Man.

I’m not much of a Republican, so dump on them all you want. I’d like to be a Kennedy, blue-collar Democrat,ebonycover but they don’t allow those any more. I’m not a big Romney guy, because I think he’s truly boring as hell and he reminds me of several BYU bishops I had many years ago, who in my opinion were ignorant Utah pricks and basically told me to piss off out of the church if I couldn’t get my home teaching up above 80-90%. (And I mean that in a loving, caring way brothers and sisters.) But compared to the sexy, brown-bomber in the empty suit he was running against, I gladly voted for Mitt. I’m not proud of that, it’s just me making full disclosure.

alg-obama-heckle-jpgOur new best friend Barry didn’t get us out of Iraq, he just stayed out of it and allowed the generals to continue following Bush’s program and timetables. He not only didn’t get us out of Afghanistan, he went back in there and surged around doubling the body count in a couple of years, exceeding the number of fatalities and critical injuries inflicted upon US forces there that Bush 16991917_2405085978001_vs-519e7374e4b03eac3e5d7837-806787302001had incurred in all two terms, in roughly three years. And to top that, Obama invaded Pakistan repeatedly. And flies drone strikes all over the world at will, blowing up an actual “hit” list he’s personally compiled.

Where was Obama while our ambassador in Benghazi was being raped and tortured to death for five or six hours? Probably making time with Michelle in the Lincoln bedroom. He told the guys to handle it, said he had an early flight to go party and campaign with the stars of Vegas in the morning, and never checked back to see how it was going. He’s not a “detail” person.

Did you so-called “Lefties” know that Halliburton download (6)contributed to Obama’s campaign? Did you know that British Petroleum gave to Obama the same way Halliburton gave to Bush? Did you know Obama is still giving Halliburton no-bid contracts? Why is GE any less a massive world corporation than Halliburton? Obama’s given hundreds of millions to GE and other boondoggle “green” energy swindles. How is that any better than resurrecting dead companies at Bain Capital for that matter? At least Mitt used private money and actually saved more than he flushed down the drain through fiscal stupidity. Why give billions to GM to bail those Godless capitalists out? Why not declare bankruptcy and reorganize like any other business?

(Don’t be silly, that would put the fat union retirement and health benefits of the UAW in jeopardy. By BP PB Poster Logo Obama's Partners in Crimepersonally reorganizing GM via his own administration, Obama first gave handouts from public funds to guarantee union pensions and healthcare. Then he exempted them from Obamacare so that’s a huge pool of non-contributors to the national healthcare system with aGM-487x365 sweetheart union deal brokered by a president they got voted into office. Then he told the investors tough luck, they’re just out of pocket—exactly backwards from normal legal standards. So GM is still stuck with massive, unserviceable fixed pension expenses and not much has really changed, meaning a repeat performance down the road.)

Why throw money literally away at Solyndra, so executives can take their bailouts and bonuses and golden parachutes, only to flush the entire plant of it’s workers and declare bankruptcy as soon as they’ve emptied Obama’s free money pot? To make the greenies happy, who also voted him into office on a fantasy plank of free energy produced out of thin air and fairy dust.

6a00d8341c60bf53ef019b0000bcae970dExcept for political rat-f**king, as the Nixon administration’s wonks called it, Obama’s not a smart guy. That’s clearly a myth. The more I hear him talk unscripted the more convinced I am he’s a puppet-lackey of handlers and the Democratic Party as far as policy goes. He just parrots the hackneyed traditional party talking points and promotes the aging socialist utopia that is powered by sunlight and star shine and free for everyone. He’s a figurehead of the Democrat’s Chicago-style kickback program. He’s a keen manipulator of popular emotion and social sentiment, without any conception of leadership or mission other than to promise a chicken in every pot, andanti-obama-protests-south-africa then make sure he gets the biggest chickens into the pots of his most loyal supporters, corporate collaborators, and party co-conspirators first. He’s an empty suit in the “vision” department if ever there was one. He’s a robot who’s controlled by a teleprompter scripted by an amateur think-tank made up of Leftist philosophers and political scientists with absolutely no real world experience outside of shouting into a bullhorn and fecking with the Man. And even his fans are finally seeing it, and seeing that he’s long on promise, short on delivery even for them, if his disapproval poll numbers are any indication.

article-2344442-1A6748A0000005DC-791_634x358In his first election campaign, on 24 July, 2008, Barack Obama made a rousing speech to a crowd of seeming millions in Berlin. Well, at second count it wasn’t millions. It was more like 200,000. But then, that figure is debatable in terms of his drawing power. It seems the American audience was never tipped off to the fact that the venue was first filled by a free concert from two popular German rock acts, and Obama’s speech followed the music, beer and food after the crowd had been gathered to full strength over the course of a couple of hours by the music and festivities.

In 2013, on 19 June, Obama repeated the “epic German speech” stunt at the Brandenburg Gate. Some 4000article-2344442-1A6748BE000005DC-539_634x356 people showed up to hear him prattle on about nuclear disarmament. Though well received by those who bothered to make the outing, what he actually did was volunteer to give away our nuclear deterrent for free, and kiss Vladimir Putin’s backside. He officially became an international patsy as far as all of our enemies abroad were concerned. This he followed up recently by essentially giving Iran permission to continue to develop nuclear weaponry on the honor system.

nobel-peace-prize-2009-joke-barack-obama-international-diplomacy-cooperation-peoples-motivational-postersIn the beginning of his presidency, they gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize just because the Norwegians thought he might do something cool. But really, it was just to stick a finger in the eye of George Bush. This time around, the Norwegians are seriously debating the protocol for, and precedent of, demanding it back from him.

obama_selfie_mandela_funeral_2013_12-10Not content to waste the photo-op, Obama just came back from Mandela’s funeral and the whole world thinks he’s a complete buffoon for taking “selfies” with all the foreign dignitaries.

05583-obamacarebipartisanagreementApart from shaking hands with Raul Castro, the one thing Barack Obama did that should have made his Leftist base happier than a lipstick-wielding Alaskan pig in slop, is Obamacare. But the Affordable Health Care Bill isn’t affordable. Nor is it healthcare. It’s been now undebatably revealed as a massive national embarrassment. It’s a Ponzi scheme, a boondoggle, and certainly not universal healthcare. And the worst of the crap has yet to hit the national fan, because the most chilling demands of the law have been delayed because of the worst web implementation in the history of mankind, and a series of exemptions and deferments that put the employer mandate and some other nasty surprises off untilcannon after the mid-term elections. Now the personal mandate is under scrutiny for executive deferment, and a series of childish Obamacare media campaigns appealing to young people to buy into the scheme so they can drink and drunk drive and sex themselves up knowing they’re covered, have further shamed the administration’s handling of the bill.

hqdefaultObamacare also turns out to be an identity theft boon. In fact, the national site itself forces you to accept the disclaimer that you have no reasonable expectation of privacy when you try to sign on.

The difference between Obamacare and Romneycare, is that Romneycare works. It’s funded, it’s cheaper, it successfully collaborates business and public resources because Romney knew all about how to manage both. Mitt Romney is an adult. Mitt Romney is a total “Square,” yes, but America needed a grownup in the White 130621114517-keystone-protest-story-topHouse. Instead, it got everyone’s favorite token black pal they would hang out with to show how progressive they were back in the college dorms. What all those young college students he mobilized to vote for him got instead of the free healthcare they thought they were getting from good ol’ Barry, was a mandate to pay expensive rates for healthcare they don’t need for twenty or thirty years starting NOW, in order to pay for mommy and daddy’s heart bypass when it comes up tomorrow. And they also get to pay for my pregnancy tests and abortion services, which I don’t need because I’m a dude and a homely fat old one at that. And come to think of it, you hipsters will be paying for my heart attack or stroke as well, while you’re at it.

The so-called “liberals” and “progressives” images (57)still bothering to openly support him, continue to pretend for convenience, it was all about a black guy against a white guy. Truth is, Barack Obama is about as “white” as Mitt Romney and the self-hating part of “Barry-the-Cool’s” personality knows it. But I digress. My point is that the choice was really about electing your buddy from college to be partymaster of the United States of America, as opposed to electing that rich old white bastard you work for who won’t give you the raise and free healthcare benefits you think you deserve. Race is a distraction from the class war the Democrats have limages (58)ong-exploited to maintain power. Mitt Romney is dull and boring and responsible. Barack Obama is a dope-smoking Santa Claus. Barack Obama may or may not still toke, it really doesn’t matter to me one way or another. Metaphorically at least, the dude still smells of weed. Mitt Romney on the other hand, frets over drinking caffeinated soda pop. Choosing between those two candidates is an emotional argument, a class-based, a social argument, not necessarily a racial one for most Americans.

But the so-called “black” vote on the other hand, simply for socio-economic and neighborhood-political reasons, is a images (42)cheap and easy piece of low-hanging constituency to grab by the plums and capture for a Democrat–especially when you can counter any pro-Romney argument in that community by simply implying the race card without actually pulling it out of your hand and laying it on the table openly. You can use shills, stooges and proxies to throw down the race card for you outside of your own venues and it’s just as effective as using the bully pulpit on the record and up-front. You have plausible deniability. But frankly, if 47% of the population was going to vote for Obama just because he’s a big-government liberal and handout-king, or because that large a segment of the population was one way or another dependent upon the perpetuation of bigger and bigger government paychecks, handouts, and benefits, you must admit that the bulk of the “black” population in particular, was probably going to vote for Obama for all those reasons as well as the clinching fact that he’s “black,” and Mitt Romney isn’t. And the “black” community is certainly going to want to give their…(almost said “boy”)…man a second crack at living up to all the campaign bullshite he’s been crapping out of his mouth for the previous four or five years, not only just in case he can actually pull some of it off, but timages (35)o help save the face of the first “black” president, so that long awaited American experiment in racial equality doesn’t go down in history as the eight years America elected a negro Jimmy Carter. But more importantly, Mitt Romney is so “white” it hurts. Mitt Romney’s “whiteness” is so “white” it hurts other “white” folk. You know it’s going to be a factor in the “black” community.

And again, the race card is so easy to pull out of your sleeve and win any given hand with playing against Romney, Republicans, or equally lily-white Mormons. Anyone on the Left, any Democrat, black or white, is given an automatic triple score when it comes to Mitt Romney and the “black” issue. He’s rich. He’s really really white. He’s a Republican. He’s got a ton of kids and family and they’re all rich and white…oops, uh what’s this? The hell you say? An adopted little black Romney grandson showed up on the Christmas card this year?

romney-2013-christmas-photoWell, just out of reflex MSNBC’s Leftist Melissa Harris-Perry and her panel piled right on it. Guess they forgot they’d been mocking him and his party for years for not associating with any black people. Now it turns out he’s got a son adopting one and nobody except the Left and MSNBC seems to have a problem with it–least of all Mitt Romney and his allegedly racist church and family. And of course, they were reacting to a routine Christmas card, not a campaign. There was no photo-op or news conference where Mitt Romney staged some big announcement. It was old news. The new kid simply showed up in the new family photo for Christmas. And the folks at MSNBC felt it was their God-given duty to point out to the world that this chubby little black face didn’t belong there on the card with that family.

I’m sure MSNBC and its full-immersion political wonks must have forgotten Romney isn’t running for anything. It was all just a knee-jerk reaction from a bunch of knee-jerks who jerk their knees for other knee-jerks who watch regularly to see and hear the same Democratic talking points reiterated over and over all day long, seven days aimages (72) week, 365 days a year. But that in and of itself suggests that at least on the Left, or in Democratic circles in general, it’s still just fine, in fact, it’s still just a matter of habit to openly lampoon and mock Mormons, especially if they’re Republicans. It probably never even occurred to them that by implication, they would also clearly take a large crap on any black kid who might have aspirations of becoming either. They meant to laugh at the RNC who could only find “one” black guy to get on camera during their convention. Ha ha. Ok, there was more than one, but point made. So when Republicans do attempt to attract people of color, particularly black ones, MSNBC’s official position is that it is they are the gatekeepers appointed by the DNC to scare any black would-be Republicans off the idea entirely. Don’t go there, says MSNBC. We’ll laugh at you. You won’t see any other friendly black faces. All the white boys alljon-stewart-does-the-47-mitt-romneys-dad-was-on-welfare secretly hate you. You’ll never be one of them. You’ll be an Uncle Tom and a traitor to your race. You won’t be cool any more. You’ll become a big dork like Mitt Romney. You’ll turn white.

Sure, even MSNBC realized they’d overshot their mouths on that one and the guilty parties all eventually apologized after the news cycle and public sentiment turned against them. But you have to ask yourself honestly: who’s the bigger threat to black youth in America, the rich white Mormon who adopts one and brings him up to learn how to handle money, make money, manage a business, get a good education, love article-0-1A59A1A200000578-24_634x347God and Country, serve his fellow man, pay a generous tithe and be a good citizen, or those who would tell him that’s not what being “black” is all about, that only “white” people can be civic, financial, corporate movers and shakers, that looking, dressing, acting, thinking, prospering under those terms is selling out his race and turning “white?” Because that’s exactly what the MSNBC panel was saying. There was no secret “Republicanesque” racist code-wording going on there. They were saying, and saying it almost verbatim, literally: You are a nigger and you do not belong in that rich white Republican family photo.

There really is no other way to interpret Pia Glenn’s meaning as she sang that little Sesame Street ditty, then pointed out Mitt’s black grandchild, resting in Mitt’s arms in the photo. Pia Glenn very clearly told the world that little black baby did not belong in that family. To protest otherwise is to confess you are so egocentric that rather than waste a cheap joke, you just didn’t give a damn who’s feelings got hurt or what broader messages you were throwing out into the mix. You instinctively saw that innocent little black child as a convenient pawn to take a cheap shot at Mitt Romney and his Republican Party and you milked it for all it was worth.

Set to the music of the Sesame Street song, panelist Pia Glenn crooned: “One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn’t the same… And that little baby, front and center, would be the one.”

She later tweeted, gradually backing herself into something like an apology:

“Yes, I sang the song. There are many children in the pic & only 1 black child. I don’t see that as mocking or attacking the baby.”

“If I point out the 1 black person & you translate that as an attack ON HIM, who’s racist? I don’t personally see anything wrong with being black.”

“Adoptive parents giving a child of ANY ethnicity a loving home, I apologize. I absolutely did not intend to harm you but it seems that I have.”

download (13)He promised hope and change. Nope. Just a big campaign lie. The Status quo of racial tension is what keeps the Democratic Party on top of the political heap. If US culture ever actually did change, and from this point onward, young black kids were interchangeable with any other ethnic group of kids, where anyone in the mix had access to the world of American business, education, politics and commerce, the Party of Manipulative Asses would lose its  exclusive franchise on a permanent underclass perpetually dependent upon them to act as their political agent of socio-economic protection. Barack Hussein Obama could have been the agent for real change along those lines, but when it came down to it, he obviously had only one big idea in his presidential bucket list, and that was getting elected. Having accomplished that twice, he obviously considers his job done, and anything else is not his problem to work out.

That “vision” thing just isn’t his thing.

It was no different in Joseph Smith’s day with the Democrats. The Democrats first found the Mormon voting block quite helpful. And then the Mormons got surrounded by “Good Christian” Democrats from the south who took exception to their increasing numbers. These Democrats did not find Mormons voting in a block anddownload (14) determining elections all the time to be very acceptable. Then the Mormons became a liability to the Party of Asses, the Party of the KKK, the Party of slavery and secession. Rather than protect the Mormons, the Democratic Machine turned its back on them, and in many cases invited their more loyal “Good Christian” constituency to effect their destruction, officially and unofficially. The Republican Party of the era, came up in the middle of the fight between Democrats and Mormons. It wasn’t much help. While Abe Lincoln’s answer to the “Mormon Question” was to “leave them be,” the Republican Party itself had been specifically invented to effect two major planks, as they said, to eradicate the twin relics of barbarism: #1 Polygamy. #2 Slavery. They took care of #2 first as it happened. Got rushed into that one what with the Civil War and all. Then went on to #1 over a much longer course of federally-run persecution and legal villainy.

For generations, right up to the days of George Romney, in Mitt’s teen years, the mid-1960’s, the Kennedy Era, David Douglas Duncan--Dem Con 68the Democratic Party was the party of Jim Crow and the KKK. Then, searching for a powerful new constituency to counteract the southern Democrats, with the help of Hubert Humphrey and the Kennedys, the northern liberal arm of the party began to work systematically through academic circles to reeducate the upcoming generations of new Democratic recruits. It was one of the many odd political pendulum swings that have always taken place in American party politics. But generations of voters now, eagerly voting the Obama ticket mindlessly because he’s the cool candidate from the cool party, have no idea they’re being played pretty much the same way the Democrats used the Mormons, then the hillbilly rednecks, then the Klan, the Irish, whoever to maintain a populist voter base. Today’s “liberals” think Abe Lincoln was a Democrat. They think Adolf Hitler was a Republican. And they know damned well the earth is going to burn up in five years if we don’t stop drilling for oil immediately.

When Kennedy got elected, the northern liberal Democrats seized control of that party, and it became the68-chicago “Party of Equal Rights” or the “Party of Civil Rights,” rather than the party of “States Rights.” Not everyone liked that and the ’68 DNC was literally a riot. As I say, spotting the change of political winds and fortunes, the Kennedy’s captured for themselves and their party, almost the whole of the Civil Rights Movement, which had actually begun in the Republican Party. At the death of John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson invented the “Great Society,” and in doing so, deftly pulled off one of the greatest bait-and-switch operations in the history of politics. He essentially destroyed the black family structure, replaced it with a system of “entitlement” based upon “underprivileged” or in today’s nomenclature, “at-risk” status, and took firm hold of the now permanent “black” underclass as the Democratic Party’s primary sustaining block of obligatory, voting pawns. If you toss the “niggas” some fried chicken now and then, the Democratic Party found out they voted for you faithfully, and only occasionally rioted. And make no mistake about it, that’s exactly how Democratic Party fat cats see the situation. True, there is no real future of equality or integration or advancement in that for the “black” community. But the Democratic Party is not about advancing the “black” or any other “minority” community. It’s about advancing the Democratic Party. No better proof of that can be found than in Detroit or any other major Democratically controlled 0d472f2-3.cached (1)metropolis, where the entire city is officially bankrupt and there is no industry left from which to extort kickbacks or reward constituents with employment, and likewise, no city infrastructure or services through which to give minority and labor spokesmen fat government jobs with free benefits and pensions that allow them to retire when they’re fifty on permanent city payroll.

While it may be proposed that the Republicans left to their own devices would rape and pillage the environment, exploit the hell out of our natural resources, abuse the workforce and hoard an unwarranted percentage of the resulting wealth to themselves, it must also be conceded that there would be resulting wealth. And loads of it. Under those Godless capitalists we call the Republicans, you may have to fight to keep them under control. But you’d be doing it with a job and a car and a house and an education. Oh yes, you’d be bitching about how you deserve a better job and more pay and benefits and a better car and house and a free education, but you wouldn’t be doing all that bitching from a burned out housing project in Detroit. Raging capitalism surely has to be regulated and channeled, but regulation withoutUSA/ capitalism is just silly. Ask the Soviets how that worked out.

Obama writes a law mandating everyone has to buy high-end insurance. Poof! Problem solved in his mind. But There’s nothing to regulate, no taxes to collect, no environment to pollute because nobody can afford to buy anything so you don’t need energy or housing or products, no health care to provide, because not a damned thing is going to be getting bought, sold, build or paid for anywhere eventually, if you just keep taking from the system. You run out of other people’s money to give away in exchange for votes because capitalists stop capitalizing. That’s why the basic Democratic political philosophy being ground out through the Democratic machine as currently fantasized by Barack Obama and his Utopian, neo-Marxist, revolutionary poly-sci cronies, is inherently parasitical and ultimately self-destructive. They’ve built a party that primarily seeks to take from those who actually can create wealth, and feels compelled to punish same for enjoying their own money. If you have too much money as the party defines it, Obama and his fellows claim they can redistribute it far more “fairly” amongst the citizenry than you would, or even would a free market. Yet, they repeatedly try to prove this by confiscating whopping sums of cash from the productive and handing it out almost exclusively, and with no strings attached, to those who specifically benefit only the Democratic Party and its constituencies. Furthermore, Barack Obama seems to have no problem allowing shamefully wealthy, multi-national corporations or personal moguls rape and pillage the workforce and environment, and keep all that wealth to themselves, as long as those particular corporate folks are big donators to the Party or Obama or their personal causes.



You have to be pretty incompetent for Jimmy Carter to call you incompetent. America got the Party in power that it wanted. But It doesn’t create, it does not serve. It primarily consumes and obfuscates the fact that nothing is being done about anything and nothing anywhere is working at all in this administration.

Since the “Great Society,” generations of “liberal” revolutionaries from the ’60’s have graduated, taken over academia, and infiltrated the newsrooms of press and electronic media with a standardized sentiment of “progressivism.” (Which is actually a fixed, canonized litany of things you must believe in not to be considered a misogynist, homophobic, war-mongering, corporate-loving, baby-killing swine and sub-human ignoramus.) It 1968conventionboggles my mind a bit to realize that many of you readers will be entirely unaware that when you see the old news films and pictures of the riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention and nearly every other Civil Rights Era scene of police dogs and cops beating and abusing protesters, fire hoses and guns being used against men, women, children, and a lot of college youth protesting the Viet Nam War or segregation, it was the cops and the national guard and the attack dogs were being directed by Democrats. The guys in the pointy hats doing the lynching and the church bombing were Democrats. The riots in Chicago in 1968 were all down to Barack Hussein Obama’s political machine there, at the time being oiled up and skillfully piloted by the infamous mayor Richard J. Daly.

Ironically then, today, under current Democratic “liberal” or “progressive” political guidelines, when even a single young black soul looks like he might be turning into a useful testimony to the benefitsSusanthesethings of Mormon, or Republican, or any other Christian or Conservative nurturing and indoctrination, when anyone preaches a message to the black or any other minority or American ethnic sub-class that centers around a more self-determining, self-sufficient world view, the Democratic Party and its willing lackeys in the mass media turn instinctively, like rabid dogs, and attack whatever seems to be moving toward that end. “One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong,” is the Sesame Street phrase the MSNBC pundit in question was referencing, from an ostensibly innocent song used to teach pre-schoolers to differentiate differences in shape, color, volume, number, and identify commonalities between objects that are similar. She did not make an innocent remark when she set about to warp that notion into images (74)clearly racial tones. The song, it’s history, and it’s educational intent is well established, very focused and specific. It came right from this crew’s childhood: In their world, this little black Romney poser was not, is not, cannot, and never will be a part of Mitt Romney’s family or his religious or political world. In their version of reality, any black American citizen who joins the Republican Party is a dupe, a fool, a traitor and sellout, and triple-copy-that for any black American who joins Mitt Romney’s Mormon church or Wall Street lifestyle. MSNBC and it’s panel, as the bully pulpit of the Leftist media, had long made that choice for this and every other little black kid, adopted or otherwise. And they were there to enforce their decision and impose their one, unified, singularly acceptable view of Mitt Romney, his Mormonism, and his Republicanism.

And so they remain. Apologies aside, status quo is maintained.

Romney’s richness and whiteness were clearly open issues in his failed presidential campaign. But his religion never really directly entered into either the Romney loss or the Obama win. Both parties had grown tired of it for one KA5DKMUI4QSJABJP-rszw514thing. But religious questions were integrated into every debate, every interview or speech, lurking in the subtext America was mentally writing into these two campaigns. Fellow Mormon and consummate jackass, Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid, for one, tried to make Mitt Romney out to be a massive, lying dirty tax cheat. While debates about his sources continue, recent exposes fingering Romney’s Republican fellows, both Huntsman Sr. and Jr. who both deny it, Reid never did reveal his source, other than a vague allusion to a Bain Capitol officer or investor, and maintains his claims to this day. Romney on the other hand, never did reveal all ten years of taxes demanded by Reid, but released three in which little to torment him with was found other than the expected offshore accounts. While ostensibly a legal charge rather than a religious or even a moral charge, Reid was actually calling a fellow Mormon a liar and a cheat and thus breaker of covenants made in the temple. Let’s just say, we won’t be seeing those two standing in any prayer circles together for a while. Needless to say, Mitt Romney is not now, nor has he ever been, under either penalty or investigation related to any tax issues whatsoever.

If I want to make a parallel to early Mormonism, it’s all right there: The people who’ve done the most damageromney-reid-mormon to Mormonism through the generations have been and continue to be, other Mormons. Harry Reid may well believe he had some dirt on Mitt Romney, but even he couldn’t say he had any proof other than a sourceless rumor. Reid’s bogus tax issue alone might have made all the difference with the independents, and Reid knew it. It was a Mormon-on-Mormon crime. Harry Reid can’t be president but he can damned-sure keep Mitt Romney out of the chair. And then maybe later Harry will get his shot. But will it be any different for him? Harry Reid isn’t as squeaky clean as Mitt Romney. Not by a long shot. I think Harry’s slated to fade into insignificance over the next few years.

From the Right of the Republican Party, the “Evangelical” or “Born Again,” block, normally a dependable constituency of the Republic candidate, whoever it may be, there came a clear disaffection in Mitt’s case. This predictable began early in the season with a serious disagreement on whether Romney was a Christian or not. It’s a yes or no question in their minds, there is no such thing as a “kind” of a Christian. You either are or you aren’t. Mitt cleverly got Billy Graham to concede an endorsement outright. This instantly proved that bona fide Christians could find a Biblically sound excuse to agree to disagree on the Getty_101812_MittRomneyBilyGrahamspecific nature of Jesus Christ, and sell themselves on the notion that America could still enjoy the blessings of God even with an aberrant Christian heretic like a Mormon in the captain’s chair. Those “Christians” who saw it otherwise ceased to boycott or openly dismiss Romney as a valid candidate as they had done before his Republican endorsement. But they certainly didn’t go out and vote for him. And they certainly discussed his deviancy from the True Christian Faith in the privacy of their homes and fellowship halls. Sometimes over the pulpit as well. This, the so-called “Tea Party” crowd, largely the same group that loyally assured GW Bush two terms, voted with their asses and sat on them. Even without Harry Reid’s back-stabbing and the Obama machine’s rat-fooking, the tepid participation of the Born Again Republican wing alone was probably enough to take Romney out of the contest. Romney was dead right: Obama had a locked base of roughly 47% or so. Mitt was fighting for a very dodgy independent voter and protest voters from both parties. It was at best only possible for him to pull from this fickle kitty of voters a margin of 4-5% to win it in a squeaker. There’s not other way to look at it than: If the Fundies didn’t come out to vote he was doomed.

And they didn’t.

Obama’s allegedly thin Christian credentials never got much open publicity in his second campaign. The progressive rev-wright1Democrats didn’t give a damn. Obama could worship the “Great Mother Cow” who dwelleth in pastures made of green cheese on the dark side of the moon for all they cared. The religious conservatives on the other hand, were plagued by an “orthodox” Christian religion that claimed even Marxist, liberation-theologian, revolutionary terrorist, quasi-Muslims who confessed any sort of faith in Jesus as they defined Him, was a brother. And Mitt Romney wasn’t. So, if you think I have been harshly evaluating Barack Obama’s performance as president, you must acknowledge that the conservative Christians who turned their backs on the Republican Party and Obama-Rev_-Wright_0stayed out of the polls because Mitt Romney was a Mormon, think even less of Obama and express it in far more critical and personal terms. But it was they who put him back in office even with all his faults, because I can only assume they felt, at least he wasn’t a Mormon. The Religious Right made an effort at play-acting in public for the sake of unity of the Republican Party. But even though a good part of the Religious Right still thinks Obama is a Muslim or quasi-Muslim with Al Qaeda sympathies, it would still prefer that in the White House, to a Mormon.

To the Religious Right Mormons are more dangerous than Al-Qaeda.

ron-paul-principlesAnd then in fairness, there were also the “Libertarian” factions, the Ron Paul Republicans, the actual Libertarian Party, and a host of mixed Libertarian-identifying fiscal Conservatives. The Ross Perot, third-party spoilers who gave us eight years of Bill Clinton. (Though come to think of it, that was a pretty good 8 years, so thanks for that.) They may have not known for sure if Mormons were Christians or just some dangerous cult. Some of them cared, most didn’t. But they knew damned sure that despite all his protestations, Mitt Romney was not an actual Conservative. Among other things, Romney’s old man, George, was a strikingly defiant supporter of the Civil Rights Movement and was looked upon disdainfullyromneycivilrights by the conservative, Republican Blue Bloods of the time for his open support of it, including some of the leaders of his own Mormon church. Mitt governed Massachusetts along the same populist, John-Kennedy, blue-collar Democrat lines that his father had governed Michigan. And Mitt Romney was indeed the moving force, albeit, not the sole author, of “Romneycare,” a highly functional state healthcare system. That history may pass for “conservative” in Michigan or Massachusetts, but not anywhere else outside these and other urban Democratic hubs of power in a handful of states.

And so, Mitt Romney’s Mormonism wasn’t the factor, but certainly one of principal factors that contributed to his failed presidential candidacy.It wasn’t the first nail in his coffin or the last. It was a big handful of nails that anyone wishing to take him out of the contest could pound in easily at will. I think ultimately it nailed most of his coffin shut before he even got started. The Lefties hated him regardless of any other qualifications because his Mormonism made him one of the bastards who tried to push Prop-8 and outlaw gay marriage in California, and by extension, everywhere else in the nation. Aging factions of the Left and their propagandized protégés still hated Romney’s Mormonism for an utterly false, but still much alleged Mormon animus against “black” people.

chicago politicians 1(If the Left was free to re-imagine God according to its current political priorities, Jesus would return as a gay black, transgendered, tall handsome chick who looked just like Barack Obama.)

To the average Democrat, well, Romney was a Republican. To the average Republican, well, he’s a Mormon and that’s weird, but I guess he’s the Party candidate–if I have the time maybe I’ll vote for him. The undecided, the “moderates,” the “independents,” well, they just split randomly and nobody impressed them much.

The truth is, and the numbers don’t lie at this late date, that Mitt waronwomenRomney came within a fairly narrow margin of making the popular vote a literal tie. This I mean, in light of his significant stumbles halfway through the campaign, and his almost flawlessly performing opponent who had never ceased to be a very popular incumbent. Granted, Barack Obama stole that election fair and square, in true Chicago Democrat style, but statistically speaking he only won out by a a 4% margin. That’s not much shoeshine1of a landslide in real terms, but Democrats won’t even concede that it was close at all, especially since Obama pulled 51% of the popular vote to Romney’s 47%. However, if 47% of the nation pulled guns on 51% of the nation and fought it out, you would surely say that we had a nation split almost exactly down the middle between two competing ideologies. And if I were to take bets on that gunfight, I’d never discount Romney’s 47% minority, because that’s the people who in this case have all the guns, jobs, money, and firepower. Obama’s 51% would have to pass a law to first steal some guns and money from Romney’s 47%, before they’d even have a fighting chance in the battle–assuming they could be bothered to get up off their fat lazy butts and fight for themselves in-between gulps of free government cheese and food stamp beer.

It was the electoral college, where US elections are really decided, not 2012electoralmapresultsfinal110812some massive popular groundswell, that boostered Barack Hussein Obama into office twice. The electoral college has long been criticized as an obsolete system that grossly favors all the major urban population centers and liberal Democrat states full of immigrants, minorities, and great universities full of “progressive” young minds full of academic propaganda spooned into their hungry little gullets by aging hippies and militant, Marxist utopianites who survived the 60’simages (39) and took over the educational system in the US. The Founding Fathers gave them this opening, because they too believed obviously, that there needed to be a buffer between Political Darwinism and potentially ruinous popular decisions made by the local yokels and buffoons who were easily bribed with liquor, or distracted by whores and other shiny objects. But what it means is you only have to win a few urban counties to pull a whole state and theoretically commit its electoral delegates. Hence, even if you look into the states marked in Democratic blue, you’ll see that in most of the state outside its urban centers, it is also red with Republicans.,_2012

images (56)The Founding Fathers wanted an “educated” class of delegates between the Great Unwashed as a moderating force in national elections. When the Great Unwashed takes over the educational system of the nation, you have no moderating force. And moreover, today, not all educations are really educations, and not all academic institutions are really about teaching. Many of them are all about proper “socialization” and “progressive” propagandization. Picking up concepts about higher criticism or developing independent thinking and the ability to teach yourself usefulimages (47) things has nothing to do with it. And Barry Soetoro for president is what we get for that.

For two terms now, everybody’s Dorm-Captain, Black Santa Clause, and all-’round cool guy won the US presidency. For two of those years his part ruled all three branches of government. Prop-8 is dead, gay marriage is having a heyday, the highly socialized academic masses have all the free cell phones and food stamps they need. All the student loans are going to be forgiven. The president’s party finagled a IMG_2709fictional national health care program through the House and Senate in the obama - all your data belong to usdark of night on a procedural technicality without reading any of it’s two-thousand pages. The president gave 800 billion dollars to his friends in unions and paid off public employees, teachers, and his corporate buddies in the auto and power industries. He made the world safe by spying on everyone everywhere at all times. He made up a hit images (61)list and flew a bunch of drones around killing our enemies. He personally shot Osama Bin Laden in the head. Al Qaeda is dead and terrorism is a thing of the past. With all that going on to make even the Left in America happy, you’d think the Mormon-bashing from that quarter would slow down a little. Hell, Harry Reid’s a Mormon and he’s one of theirAllYourDataAreBelongToUs-MaximEristavi darlings.

As for The Right too, well, I guess a lot of those folks ultimately saw at least one Mormon on the public stage in this one election, as a respectable presidential candidate, family man, and un-threatening fellow citizen at least. So at least, indirectly a lot of the overall, cultural, Mormon bashing has dissipated even amongst the non-foaming Fundies. That as opposed to the Foaming Fundies, who continue to foam. That’s what they do. Foam. It’s the Great Commission as far as they’re concerned. But in the broader American population, much of the anti-Mormon recreational daily chatter has dropped. Romney’s campaign put Mormonism in the public eye main-qimg-165dcbb61db4a318fa0ee9c114ddad21for almost two years, good and bad. The good, for the most part, won out. And the Religious Right has seen what happens when it pouts.e53

The Book of Mormon became a hit on Broadway. That’s certainly not all good. But it’s not all bad either. Who hasn’t looked to the heavens at some point and at least wanted to flip off the universe and say, F–k you God! I know I do every time I try to get through to the Obamacare website. I’m not going to make a lot of conversions either to Mormonism or the Republican Party thinking and writing along those lines, but on the other hand, the ravingly-gay Broadway boys might feel a little less Mormophobic about my ramblings if theyimages (1) know I sometimes whistle show tunes while I’m composing my abusive tomes.

That’s progress I suppose. For me anyway. Maybe even for Mormonism eventually. For the rest of this guy’s term in office however, I’ve written the Religious Right, our “Good Christian Patriots” off as bloody useless even to themselves.

Blame Bush. Or rather, blame his fan base. It’s his people who did this to America. They deserve everything they’re getting from Barack Hussein Obama and his minions now, and till the end of his term and maybe generations beyond. They earned it. Even I thought

images (59)

the guy might work out OK in his first term. I’ll give everyone that. I thought McCain was a bum. I’ll give everyone that as well—but not so much though, after four years of Obama. Nope. How anyone could let Our Barry get another four years on his contract is beyond my comprehension.

So, to all those of you “Good Christian” folk out there in fly-over land, who just had to stick by your principles, who would rather have any Christian as president over any Mormon, it’s you guys who made Obama’s second term possible. By the time it’s over, the damage he’s implemented in his first will be in full effect, God knows what else he’ll do in his remaining years, it will be all but irreversible, and we’re all doomed.

That’s not a partisan statement. That’s just the way it is.

And you’re to blame


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