Glenn Beck Part 2: White Horse Rising

Like a mighty army moves the church of God; brothers, we are treading where the saints have trod. We are not divided, all one body we, one in hope and doctrine, one in charity.

Glenn Beck is in the business of predicting the End of the World. Glenn Beck is looking for that “Epic Battle,” heglennbeck-210x210 keeps alluding to, or Armageddon as the Bible calls it—the ultimate battle of good and evil. Glenn Beck has been sucked into his personal seer-stone and now lives deeply enthralled in his newfound Mormon Apocalyptic Wonderland. It may all be new and glorious to Beck, but the rest of us Mormon idiots suffered through the same shtick some thirty or forty years ago. It included a World Commie domino effect that fell on its face, a Soviet Empire that crapped out, a US economy that collapsed, the price of gold and silver skyrocketing. I even worked a while running a concentrating table in a gold refining installation in West Valley Utah around 1984, where we all carted around five-gallon buckets of gold-sparkling black sands and guarded our paydirt by sauntering around the shop packing heat on our hips. The world was going to end that year too as I recall. Nothing much came of it.

0What ended instead was the LDS church membership of rather a lot of Glenn Beck-like “Christian Patriots” who backed some ex-Special Forces borderline paranoid named Bo Gritz for president, on the “Restore America to its Constitutional Principles” platform of the short-lived Populist Party. This party became associated with the Posse Commitatus and Militia Movements and attracted far Right elements like David Duke, former KKK notable who disavowed this past Klan allegiance and tried to mainstream his White Supremist Klan base into a functional political action committee along with a host of other tag-ons with no particular qualifications, like rich Okie, Ross “The Boss” Perot. When Gritz got exposed as a BS artist, and dropped his political aspirations because of reprehensible associates like Duke, and organizations like the Michigan Militia, who’s member Tim McVeigh later blew up the Oklahoma City Federal Building, many of the Mormons and Jack-Mormons who did not follow Gritz to his own survivalist base, “Almost Heaven,” in southern Idaho, ended up founding a survivalist community near Cedar City Utah. They’re still waiting there for the mushroom clouds with their gold and guns and tins of beans, and probably tuning in Glenn Beck from their bunkers waiting for the signal to be given.

Glenn Beck wants to take us there again. It’s back to the bunker for everyone. Reset. Reset. Reset. Jargon. Jargon. Imply Imply. Allude Allude. Beckism Beckism Beckism. Coin Copyrightable Terminology…Market Market Market. It all just means the Sky is Falling. Wait till he’s free from Fox. You’ll see some real freaky preaching then.

Patriot City

All of these Apocalyptic, Christian America groups, like the Christian Front, who marched in American streets in support of Hitler at the beginning of World War II, have a Christian patriotic theme and focus around a world conspiracy out to destroy the United States. They all claim the nation is soon facing Armageddon, the Last Battle for Good over Evil.

Survivalism mind you, is basically Glenn Beck’s central marketing venture now. Clearly the first priority for any of the Christian Patriot or Christian America groups he fraternizes with is to survive the coming crisis—whatever that may be. They all know It’s coming soon. Whatever it is. And you better be ready for it.

Sure, Glenn Beck does his research and in that respect he’s not so much an extremist as he is a prophet of the blatantly obvious. But there’s always something churning desperately in the subtext with Beck. Glenn Beck a few weeks back said we’re at the start of 121 days of the most important chapter in the history of the world. Glenn Beck has a huge rally scheduled to save Israel venued on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This he rushed into production safely before Roshashona 2011. I don’t know why it’s always around that holiday but they sure love to plug that date into their calendar of world endings. Beck’s 121 day count is in the same ballpark as all the others. But of course, Glenn Beck doesn’t know what, for sure, if anything is happening when put to the light of scrutiny, so he’s off the “false prophet” charge and free to scoff and mock others who dare set dates.

I get the feeling that Glenn Beck is only able to intimate and hint about something “big” he’s working on, because at any given moment he’s probably still pulling it out of his own arse. But, there’s only a certain strain of crap that gets pulled out of the average Mormon arse, because they’re all part of a system that feeds them on a particular diet of very specific prophetic desperation. This gets digested, works its way through the individual’s system, and emerges as a the same familial feces over and over again through the generations. And every generation, some self-ordained Mormon visionary barely out of his Gospel training pants gets fascinated playing in his own prophetic poo and starts flinging it all over the rest of us.

wg-joseph-smith-jr-6Glenn Beck is a babe in the woods. He’s missing the “oops…now I’m just being a jackass” chip that shuts the brain down when it goes completely daffy. He means well but he’s fatally naïve. Beck daily warns how Lenin used students, intellectuals, artists and social revolutionaries to pull off the Russian Revolution, and when that was secure, Beck cautions us sternly that Lenin purged all these revolutionaries and installed the Communist Party with Lenin himself as the sole dictator of Russian politics. What Glenn Beck obviously doesn’t see, is that the Christian Nation movement he’s trying to rally from its 1980’s deathbed will do the same thing to him.

Glenn Beck, simply put, is neither one in hope nor doctrine with the Christian Right, the Patriot Movement, the evangelicals, the Silent Majority, or whatever else you want to call his growing flock of Christian political comrades. Glenn Beck is doing nothing new in the Christian Patriot game, he’s just a Mormon so he’s more organized and adept at running “programs” than previous Christian-only efforts. His religious ethos is more inclusive as well.Untitled-1 copy Nevertheless, Glenn Beck will be the first guy out on the street when his own American Crusade liberates his New Jerusalem from the heathen infidels. His Christian comrades-in-arms think he is one. On some level what he’s engaged in amounts almost to self-hate, like a Jew collaborating with the NAZIs to ferret out his brothers and sisters so they can be rounded up and sent to the furnaces.

People look at Glenn Beck and ask, how can both he and Harry Reid be Mormons?

All Mormons actually started out supporting the Democrat Party. The Republicans founded their party upon two main planks: the elimination of the “twin relics of barbarism: polygamy and slavery.” Until the whole polygamy issue came up well into the Utah period, the Democrats were the only party who thought Mormons were mostly harmless, very industrious colonizers, a great block of votes to win in any case, and thus worthy of at least some political protection.

Originally, Mormon communities held all things in common, and when that failed, Mormons still used a systematically communal approach to building, buying, apportioning land and other temporal and governmental matters. Beck however, seems unaware of this near-socialist Mormon heritage or the church’s historical attachment to a Democrat Party that at least at one point was half-conducive to the notion of letting the Mormons found their own state, make their own laws, and live their own religion free of Federal interventions.

White_Horse2So, when I ask my “Still Small Voice” what’s really hauling Glenn Beck’s eschatological wagon so speedily down the road to Doomsday, a whisper comes back in the night saying, it’s three big horses, a red one, a black one, and a white one. A little impression comes to me that Glenn Beck has become indulged in the perennially re-surfacing tradition of what its Mormon proponents like to call the “White Horse Prophecy.” Beck doesn’t specifically quote any this twisted basket’s payload of horsepucky scraped off the barn floor of LDS history. I can smell it on him though. He’s embraced the stink of it if not the literal word of it.

The White Horse Prophecy itself, the centerpiece of a sub-Mormon folk religion, is a “revelation”—as they who believe in it claim—alleged to have been given to Joseph Smith in 1843. It wasn’t written down for a decade, and is based upon the anecdotal memories of two elderly Saints who claim to have heard Smith utter it off-the-cuff one day in his front yard. In this “revelation,” Smith allegedly prophesies that the US Constitution will hang by a thread in the Last Days, but the “boys from the mountain” as it is often colorfully paraphrased in boastful Utah re-tellings, will come riding to the rescue and save it.

The White Horse Prophecy is easily dismissed as grandiose, bunker-mentality-driven braggadocio on its face. Utah had the US Army headed out to subdue Mormonism at the time. It was also a very convenient “memory” that surfaced in time to bolster the Mormon settlers’ notion that they’d made the right choice in heading West, and that America was still God’s Chosen Nation, in spite of the fact that its government and half its citizenry had been trying to kill them all and stamp out their religion from the first day Joseph Smith came out of the trees as a callow youth and said Christianity was all messed up.

LDS president Brigham Young led Mormonism west after the assassination of Joseph Smith. He picked up the subject of the White Horse Prophecy, and reinforced its central theme, In an Independence Day celebration speech in the Salt Lake Tabernacle on July 4, 1854:

“Will the Constitution be destroyed? No: it will be held inviolate by this people; and, as Joseph Smith said, ‘The time will come when the destiny of the nation will hang upon a single thread. At that critical juncture, this people will step forth and save it from the threatened destruction.’ It will be so.”

President John Taylor, who succeeded Brigham Young, while speaking on Sunday afternoon 31 August 1879 in Logan Utah, expressed similar sentiments:

“…The day is not far distant when this nation will be shaken from centre to circumference. And nowimage81, you may write it down, any of you, and I will prophesy it in the name of God. And then will be fulfilled that prediction to be found in one of the revelations given through the Prophet Joseph Smith. Those who will not take up their sword to fight against their neighbor must needs flee to Zion for safety. And they will come, saying, we do not know anything of the principles of your religion, but we perceive that you are an honest community; you administer justice and righteousness, and we want to live with you and receive the protection of your laws, but as for your religion we will talk about that some other time. Will we protect such people? Yes, all honorable men. When the people shall have torn to shreds the Constitution of the United States the Elders of Israel will be found holding it up to the nations of the earth and proclaiming liberty and equal rights to all men, and extending the hand of fellowship to the oppressed of all nations. This is part of the programme, and as long as we do what is right and fear God, he will help us and stand by us under all circumstances.”

On 25 March, 1839, Joseph Smith, while imprisoned in horrific conditions on ostensibly false charges by a deputized lynch-mob in Liberty Jail, wrote:

“The Constitution of the United States is a glorious standard; it is founded in the wisdom of God. It is a heavenly banner; it is to all those who are privileged with the sweets of its liberty, like the cooling shades and refreshing waters of a great rock in a thirsty and weary land. It is like a great tree under whose branches men from every clime can be shielded from the burning rays of the sun. . . .”

As far as the Mormon loyalty to the Founding Fathers and the US Constitution goes, this is what I call, “Hard Doctrine.” It’s not now nor has it ever been in doubt, it is central and essential to the whole religious orientation of Mormonism. I could cite numerous references supporting this notion from a multitude of LDS presidents over the years. But there are also some more specific elements in the White Horse Prophecy that have always been highly dubious. In the words of Joseph Fielding Smith as an Apostle of the LDS Church, in October Conference of 1918:

joseph fielding smith

“I have discovered that people have copies of a purported vision by the Prophet Joseph Smith given in Nauvoo, and some people are circulating this supposed vision, or revelation, or conversation which the prophet is reported to have held with a number of individuals in the city of Nauvoo. I want to say to you, my brethren and sisters, that if you understand the Church articles and covenants, if you will read the scriptures and become familiar with those things which are recorded in the revelations from the Lord, it will not be necessary for you to ask any questions in regard to the authenticity or otherwise of any purported revelation, vision, or manifestation that proceeds out of darkness, concocted in some corner, surreptitiously presented, and not coming through the proper channels of the Church…”

Joseph Fielding Smith incidentally, went on to become LDS church president. In addition to his authority on the matter, on this occasion, he was immediately followed by his father, Joseph F. Smith, who actually was president of the church at the time, and his father was even more blunt in his dismissal of the White Horse Prophesy:SmithJF_c05

“The ridiculous story about the “red horse,” and “the black horse,” and “the white horse,” and a lot of trash that has been circulated about and printed and sent around as a great revelation given by the Prophet Joseph Smith, is a matter that was gotten up, I understand, some ten years after the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith, by two of our brethren who put together some broken sentences from the Prophet that they may have heard from time to time, and formulated this so-called revelation out of it, and it was never spoken by the prophet in the manner in which they have put it forth. It is simply false; that is all there is to it.

These sorts of official condemnations not withstanding, Mormon conspiracy buffs stick to the White Horse Prophecy like flies propelling themselves eagerly into a pot of honey. Or, more accurately, like flies to a pile of shite, because most of them lay eggs in it and keep hatching brood after maggoty brood of self-created pests ever buzzing around it. The current evolution of the LDS White Horse subculture festered up during the last forty years, starting with the Ezra Taft Benson-era Mormon John Birch Society Generation.

wakeupamericaJohn Birch was an American GI killed just after WWII by Chinese Communists. Birch is purported to be the first casualty of “World Communism.” After the death of infamous Communist witch-hunter Senator Joe McCarthy in 1957, a hard-core McCarthyite from Indiana named Bill Welch founded John Birch’s namesake society in 1958 to continue hunting out commies wherever they may be found and throttle the Red Menace. In most areas, by the 1970’s, Birch elements had broken into separate wings because the Roman Catholics found they were being badmouthed behind their backs between the Born-Again evangelicals and the Mormons–both of whom tended to rate the Roman Pope as the anti-Christ and their Holy Mother Church as the “Whore of Babylon.”

The evangelical or just plain “Christian” faction broke free of the whole John Birch thing toward the late 70’s, and let the Birch Mormons quarrel with the Birch Catholics. “World Communism” essentially collapsed with the Soviet Union in 1989. By then, Christian Armageddonist and evangelical Rapturists were booking their own shows from church hall to church hall across the nation and were freely publishing books and making films and videos on their own, unencumbered by having to be diplomatic in their Last Days scenarios because of Mormons or Jews or Masons or Catholics who might be at a Birch meeting.

Instead of disbanding, slapping one-another on the back shouting, “Mission accomplished,” as the Berlin Wall came down, the John Birch Society decided to keep making money instead. It found a new series of “One World Government” related conspiracies to pander to its already paranoid membership based upon the “Insiders,” a muddled pantheon of capitalists and aristocrats and privileged classes like the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Royal Families of England and a few other countries, the Committee of Three Hundred, and so forth, who the Society now claimed had been the real enemy all along. In short, the John birch Society became a conspiracy nut magnet.

The Mormon chapters of the John Birch Society however, became a Mormon conspiracy nut magnet. In Utah, It became difficult to delineate the difference between a Mormon priesthood meeting and a chapter meeting of the John Birch Society. And Mormon conspiracy nuts brought with them pet Mormon conspiracies that were unique to the Utah pioneer bunker experience.

The Christians, and evangelicals in particular who remained in the John Birch Society helped move its maincamp conspiracy centers around nefarious plots by the United Nations and FEMA to round all Christians up into 50 concentration camps they claimed were already built, one in every state, headquartered in the then being built new automated luggage centre at the Denver Airport. There they would either be forced to accept the “Mark of the Beast,” which was to be a barcode tattoo and set of implanted transmitters connected to the World Central Computer, or they would be killed. (Not kidding.) As the Birch Society moved into the 1990’s, Mormons would have been just tickled to death to explore all of these emerging Christian Birch conspiracies, but, Mormons weren’t the targets of this sinister secret government in the Christian narratives, they were part of it. Along with the Jews and the Masons.

As bizarre as professional cult-escaper/exposer Bill Schnobelen’s claims have been, in the 1990’s, he has to2ff91cf0 be credited with being one of the most effective Christian evangelists of doom to fully inject anti-Mormonism into the whole pastiche of Christian xenophobic conspiracy theories. Christian conspiracy nuts were so willing and eager to incorporate anti-Mormonism into their end-of-the-World paranoia, that they lapped up anything this repeatedly debunked fraud had to say. They did so on his word alone, claiming to have been a secret-ultra-high-ranking kingpin in the Masons, the Illuminati, Wicca, a Druidic High Priest and a practicing vampire. He also claimed he was also a Mormon for five years—which of course, means he had complete access to all the Mormon “secrets.” According to Schnobelen, one of these secrets is a duplicate Oval Office in the Washington DC LDS temple with powerful transmitters and receivers in the temple spires designed to manage the Mormon Empire when the Mitt Romney takeover of America comes. These communication towers are so powerful they disrupt local communications and endanger air traffic overhead so that planes no longer fly over it. Schnobelen can reveal these great sorts of  plots against humanity, apparently because death-oath-bound, Satanic, World Domination cults like the Mormons, the Illuminati, Masons and Druids, just hand hyper-secret knowledge to anyone who joins up and hangs out a while. These unholy secret orders also don’t apparently do anything but make idle threats when some self-important dickweed trips around the planet exposing these “secrets” to the whole world, and cashing in on the resulting Christian panic.

Going into the New World Order and a new century, Mormon John Birchers, unable to play in the evangelical sandbox, leapt gleefully back into their High Priest Groups at the local ward, and re-invigorated their long-time friend, the White Horse Prophecy. They incorporated it into a complex matrix of all the best conspiracies of the world—removing any anti-Mormon elements as they came to them. Now, most of these world-class conspiracy theories were originated by Protestant “Christians” and link everything bad in the world to Jews and Masons, with a shot or two at Roman Catholics and/or the Knights Templar, who again, are purported to be the progenitors of the Masonic orders—or at least some lines of them. The latest combination of these elements has become a popular film and book sensation known as the Da Vinci Code. code

The Davinci Code’s author and the related theatrical feature film’s director openly confess that it’s all a load of BS. Even though it ruthlessly invents and distorts history and craps all over the Roman Catholic faith, they claim it’s only meant for entertainment and they mean no harm by it. But conspiracy jerks all over the world read it and watch it as documented fact.

Mormons have trouble buying into the secret society hysteria on a couple of levels. First of all, Christians have been saying that Mormons are themselves a dangerous secret society for generations. Also, Mormons love Jewsimages (3), in fact, they led the world in Jew-loving before the Christian Zionists ever realized Jews were blood kin to Jesus and blessed by God. Mormons were Jew-lovers before Jew-loving became fashionable. In a Mormon secret-conspiracy mill, the “World Jewish Banking Conspiracy” which is a central staple of these sorts of One World Government theories, isn’t really going to gain any traction. Sure, there’s a World Banking Conspiracy the Mormon buffs would say—but you can’t hang that just on the Jews. Also, Joseph Smith was a Master Mason. Anti-Masonic conspiracies always link to Mormonism in the Christian conspiratorial mythology. A lot of the Founding Fathers were Masons as well, and the Founding Fathers incorporated a lot of Masonic philosophy if not theology into the US Constitution. Mormons love both the Founding Fathers and the US Constitution. They see Masonic participation in the founding of the nation and the writing of the Constitution as enlightenment, not a Satanic plot to enslave American Christians. It would be hard to sell a Mormon who knew his stuff, on the American Revolution as a dark conspiracy effected by the Illuminati that was not intended to establish a haven for intellectual and religious liberty, but really intended to establish a Godless “One World Government.” World Government 001

I don’t know what the Roman Catholics Birch fans did when the Russian balloon deflated instead of “going up,” because they met in their secret John Birch cells just like Lenin’s Marxist cells, but again, they too became increasingly annoyed with finding themselves connected negatively to John Birch conspiratorial dogma. Eventually however, without a universally hated pinko in every union and a commie under every bed to focus on, the John Birch Society became increasingly annoying or at least limited and unfulfilling to its Mormon constituency.

As the John Birchers were battling out the end of the twentieth century, yet 350531another conspiratorial nut-branch spun off along libertarian or liberal lines during this period, based upon the example of one Lynden LaRouche. These tended to make the US Government itself the villain in its scenarios, starting with the Kennedy assassination, and of course culminating now in the “911 Truther” movement and related cabals who became convinced GW Bush was Hitler incarnate and the US would be a Police State before the end of his rule. Bush’s successor, Barack Obama, became an even easier target for their theories, since he promised to un-do all the Bush era “Homeland Defense” measures and instead upgraded, renewed them, invaded Pakistan, and started lobbing bombs and missiles at Muammar Khadafi

The LaRouche spin-offs tend to be non-religious and often agnostic or atheistic, they don’t figure into the Glenn Beck story except as occasional foils. For all intents and purposes however, they look exactly like the evangelical or Conservative, Religious Right conspiracy nuts, it’s just that they don’t want to put Jesus in the Oval Office. They are a type and shadow, an illustration of how these paranoid groups are capable of sticking their fingers to the conspiratorial wind, and often quickly shift their players and culprits from year-to-year, election-to-election, adapting to any incoming political regime or world theater players, to perpetuate their deluded theories no matter how many times their “well-proven” scenarios don’t pan out, or their “irrefutable evidence” is debunked. These too, play the “Patriot Game,” but in fact, they don’t seem to want a Congress or House or Oval Office at all, or anyone in government at any level telling them what to do at all. And there’s probably a few Mormons or other “religious” folks mixed in there with them.

As we came to the end of 21st century there were a lot of patriotic, God-fearing conspiracy nuts looking for a new conspiracy nut messiah. They were also looking for some new conspiracies that didn’t personally implicate themselves. They didn’t want to have to believe anything too far-out because they’d been burned several times before on that score, and they didn’t want to hang out with lawless, dope-smoking libertarians.

BeckEnter Glenn Beck. Enter the mainstreaming of Mormon eschatology. Enter the evil Progressives, the enemy for the new generation of conspiracy freaks. Enter “Spooky Guy,” George Soros.  Who wouldn’t couldn’t help but be enthralled in the machinations of this Godless, manipulative, multi-billionaire who helped NAZI’s harvest Jewish property as a kid? Soros is a lifelong fan of Progressive Fascism who currently speaks openly about his wishes to bring forth a World Socialist Utopia. If an ecumenical, patriotic culture of conspiracy freaks is to succeed, it will need great villains, common to all sides, and Soros certainly fits that bill.

Beck is also in the process of resuscitating the Russian Federation as a credible threat to world and domestic security. “Crazy Ivan” is too good a foe to lose for Apocalyptic purposes. The Chinese just seem to be making sneakers cheaper than anyone else. The North Koreans would like to be menacing, but they still can’t lob anything over our back fence. And then there’s the Muslims. Beck has a much harder time than many others in his field, in admitting that there is some sort of “sane” Islam. He doesn’t seem very aware that the Salt Lake church has been chumming up to rich Muslims like the Kashogi family for ages, and teaches that the “Children of Ishmael” are also protected by God and heirs to the blessings of Father Abraham.

Glenn Beck, for all his great ability to read books, apparently hasn’t yet read any on the Crusades. I know he’s z165476166read up on American Christians kicking the crap out of Native Americans and Mormons, but in all his lecturing on the evils of Islam, he’s never once mentioned the Mother of all Wars, so far as the middle east is concerned, the “liberation” of Jerusalem, the rape, murder and pillage of Palestine that we still call the “First Crusade.”

The word “Crusade” literally means carrying the cross of Jesus ahead of you in battle as you slaughter, steal and destroy everything and everyone falling before your mighty Christian army, just to teach the infidel how mighty Jesus is. Christians still use the word like it was a good thing.

The first Crusade of 1095 or so, was conducted exactly like a “Jihad” to recapture the Holy Land. The first batch of knights to head out of European “civilization” to rescue the birthplace of Jesus from the heathens, ran short on their hastily gathered food and other stores in what is now Germany, and decided just to plunder and murder the local Jewish villages instead. They never made it to the Crusade. It gets worse from there, but most Christians still maintain that God commanded the English and European nobles to commit this bloody mayhem because the Muslims and Jews had it coming.

Even a casual researching of what actually went on during the Crusades should convince the most faithful Christian that these Crusaders were not very Christ-like at all. Those Christiaholyn Privateers who managed to find Palestine, rode into Jerusalem and slaughtered every Muslim man there, and many of the women and children. Then they seized the surrounding lands and booty from the surviving locals, divided it all amongst themselves and set up little fiefdoms.

The Palestinian natives all looked the same to the Crusaders, with those towels on their heads of course. So the Crusaders just killed everyone who looked brown and they couldn’t understand–including the Christian guardians who’d been servicing and protecting the holy Christian sites and shrines for hundreds of years. And of course they killed off a lot of Jews while they were at it. Killing Jews wherever and whenever they popped up was just standard operating procedure for a Christian Knight. Where do you think the KKK got their pattern from?

Beyond Glenn Beck’s fairly sane analysis of current political and social movements around the world, and his ability to reasonably identify and prove who the bad players are in all of it–he always leaves you with the impression that there’s something he’s holding back because the world just can’t handle the truth. I wouldn’t say Glenn Beck keeps a consulting a copy of the White Horse Prophecy just off-camera, pinned to the wall with yarn strings connecting its passages to notes, news clippings, and photographs just like on CSI. But when there’s a horse in the room with you, the room smells horsey.

The White Horse Prophecy was allegedly delivered by Joseph Smith on May 6, 1843, following a review of the 53438123509120072Nauvoo Legion, the large and well-ordered defense force of the newly founded Mormon base city in Illinois. Two rank-and-file Mormon members, Edwin Rushton and Theodore Turley are the source of this story.

At this review of his troops, Joseph Smith is said to have taken a glass of water in the heat of the day, raised it to his troops and said, “I drink to you a toast to the overthrow of the mobocrats.” The next morning a critic of the church dropped by Smith’s house and commenced cursing him loudly and profusely for making that toast. Smith ordered him out, and hearing this commotion from the street, Turley and Rushdon approached the Mormon prophet to console him over this rough treatment. Smith allegedly told them, “We will have worse things to see; our persecutors will have all the mobbings they want. Don’t wish them any harm. For when you see their sufferings you will shed bitter tears for them.” Edwin Rushton then records:

While this conversation was going on we stood by his south wicket gate in a triangle. Turning to me he said: “I want to tell you something. I will speak a parable like unto John the Revelator. You will go to the Rocky Mountains. And you will be a great and mighty people, established there, which I will call the ‘White Horse of Peace and Safety.’ When the Prophet said you will see it, I asked him, “Where will you be at that time?” He said, “I shall never go there. Your enemies will continue to follow you with persecutions and will make obnoxious laws against you in Congress to destroy the White Horse, but you will have a friend or two ‘to defend you’ to throw out the worst part of the laws, so they will not hurt much. You must continue to petition Congress all the time, they will treat you like strangers and aliens, and they will not give you your rights but will govern you with strangers and commissioners; you will see the Constitution of the United States almost destroyed; it will hang by a thread, as it were, as fine as the finest silk fiber.”

…”The time will come when the banks in every nation will fail and only two places will be safe where people can deposit their gold and treasures. These places will be the White Horse and England’s vaults.”

It rambles on a while and talks about the two Popes reuniting, gathering Jews from the world nations, keeping Russia in check, putting down the Turks and liberating the Holy Land, (Israel, not Utah) and so forth. It uses a white horse to represent the Mormon’s Zion State Smith allegedly envisioned and a couple of other horses figure in there as well, but it’s anybody’s guess what they represent. This Apocryphal vision isn’t unique. There are several similar documents and allegedly prophetic stories along the Mormon trail. They are sometimes called “folk doctrines,” or “faith promoting rumors.” Alleged witnesses and journal-keepers throughout the history of Mormonism have repeatedly jotted down thousands of random ponderings allegedly from Brigham Young, Joseph Smith and other Mormon “authorities.” These records have been religiously (pun intended) maintained but most of them never canonized or even officially debated.

The Problem with Glenn Beck is, first of all, he thinks Mormons are Christians. Worse yet, he thinks Mormons and Christians have a common interest in preserving America as a nation founded upon the freedom to worship God according to the conscience of every individual citizen. Glenn Beck thinks American Christians understand that the United States is a pluralistic society, a Constitutional Republic founded on the free agency of man and the common belief in Nature’s God.

Glenn Beck is a Useful Idiot of the Holy Conspiracy.

In fact the Holy Conspiracy was eagerly promoting a Common Law theory called “jury nullification,” in its heyday ten or twenty years ago, which means any jurist on a case who believes the law in question is ungodly, has the Christian duty to vote the accused innocent, thus nullifying the law. Conversely,  even if the Christian jurist knows the law or charges are spurious, but the accused has it coming from God, then it is good Christian stewardship to vote “guilty” regardless of the evidence. Specifically this was addressed to those “Christian Patriots” in the day, who were accused of bombing abortion clinics, caught refusing to pay income tax to an evil federal government, and so forth. It’s exactly the sort of “Christian” stewardship that let Joseph Smith’s killers got off.

You can’t blame Glenn Beck for being confused about his non-Christian status. Some years back the Mormon church engaged in a multi-multi-million dollar missionary and media effort to convince the world (and themselves) that Mormons were Christians like any other Christian. (At the time Beck may have been too drunk to notice.) In most Christian circles this attempt at re-branding gained Mormonism almost nothing however.

Mormon authorities often make public proclamations actually bolstering the belief that America is fundamentally Christian by Law and Constitution. This is precisely the legal premise upon which Mormonism has been beaten and driven into second-class citizenship for nearly two centuries. Dallin Oaks, one of Mormonism’s most respected academics, former president of BYU, and currently an apostle in the Council of Twelve, quoting former Mormon president, David O. McKay said:195

“Recent rulings of the Supreme Court would have all reference to a Creator eliminated from our public schools and public offices. [1962 NY vs. State Board of Regents] “It is a sad day when the Supreme Court of the United States would discourage all reference in our schools to the influence of the phrase ‘divine providence’ as used by our founders of the Declaration of Independence. “Evidently the Supreme Court misinterprets the true meaning of the First Amendment, and are now leading a Christian nation down the road to atheism.”

July 1990 Ensign of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, SLC Utah.

mckayGlenn Beck is certainly ignorant of his non-Christian status and indeed a lot of modern American Christians clearly find Glenn Beck’s message quite attractive. This is only due to reciprocal ignorance on the part of the average Christian. They’re often as blissfully unaware of the fundamental doctrines of “Historic” Christianity as Glenn Beck is.

There are no “unalienable rights” granted to man by their Creator in the “Historical” Christian scheme of things. There is only “God’s Will,” and everything that exists is subject to it. The only choice mankind has is to obey “God’s Will” or burn in hell. Those doomed to hell have no business in a “Christian Nation” at all, much less voting on anything.

The Founding Fathers on the other hand, believed that an educated population could rule itself in a just and upright manner, without King or Clergy giving it binding orders. Almost all of organized Christianity to date, has always maintained that man is fundamentally incapable of ruling himself, and that whenever man is given license to choose his own fate, make his own rules, use his own judgment, he will invariably choose to serve his natural evil desires, seek his True Father, his earthly Lord and Master, Satan.

In orthodox Christianity, the closer man thinks he comes to understanding Truth, the farther he can be sure he is getting from it. If it strikes man as good, right, true and logical, you can be sure it is Satan’s program.

Unlike the Founding Fathers, or Mormons for that matter, Christianity holds the core belief that good is only good because God says it’s good. If God said bad was good, it would be. If God says kill babies then baby killing is good. In Mormonism by contrast, truth exists in its own sphere. Truth is truth because it inherently is. God does good because it’s inherently right and God is inherently good. In Mormonism, baby killing is just wrong because it’s wrong to take innocent life. It’s what Mormons call an “Eternal Principle” and not even God can alter the truth of it.

In Christianity, God defines what’s good and what’s evil. God defines what’s true and what isn’t–and this via an incomprehensibly alien mind that humanity could never make sense of anyway so blind obedience is the only proper response to anything “God” (or his agents in the clergy usually…) commands. The Ten Commandments are only true principles because God says they are. There is no intrinsic right or wrong in any of it. Man cannot fall back on his own feeble wisdom and do what he considers to be right as he sees fit—because only God can tell man what that is, so again, even making the right choice without God is wrong. Even thinking you can choose the right without God’s direction is literally damned arrogance.

The concept of human choice doesn’t even exist in “Historic” Christianity. In Mormonism, or the Deist/Masonically-influenced US Constitution, the “Free Agency” of man is the whole point of mortal existence. It’s a training ground whereby mankind makes choices and learns right from wrong until knowing and loving good while dodging and shunning evil becomes an inherent part of man’s character. In Christianity, choice is an illusion.

“You can be a slave of Jesus, or a slave of the devil. Is there any other choice? No there isn’t. Freedom is a myth but you can choose what you’re going to be a slave to, and what you’re going to be free from.”

Father Al Lauer, “Daily Bread,” 15 February, 1989.

“Historic” Christians have always understood that they are saved no matter what, but on the other hand, even02-jesus.saves the good done by heathens and infidels, or heretics like Mormons, are counted as evil by God and they’ll burn in hell anyway. Christians who kill or repress or brutalize their religious or political opponents at worst will realize how wrong they were at some point in the Final Judgment. But as I say, the Final Judgment is already known and the “Christians” win. More importantly, “Historic” Christianity has always maintained that man is inherently evil, not, as our Founding Fathers maintained, “Innocent until proven guilty.”

And still, Glenn Beck does not catch on to these basic differences between his view of God and Government, and that of rather a large part of his throng of public followers. Glenn Beck is preaching Mormon ideology to the same people who burned his pioneer Mormon forefathers out of Missouri, murdered his founding prophet Joseph Smith in Illinois, and raped, pillaged, starved, robbed, chased, and slaughtered his early American “Saints” out of the United States entirely, into Mexican Territory. And when it looked like the Mormons weren’t going to die off all on their own in this desolate wilderness, the forefathers of his modern jesus_savesChristian supporters sent out an army of destruction, followed by troupes of Baptist, Methodist, and other “Christian” forces of “civilization,” to tyrannize and browbeat his forefathers through cannon, ball, and legislative pen. The great-great-grandparents of those who now buy tickets to his “inspiring” shows voted to socially and politically persecute, and eventually legislate the Mormon church and all its members into poverty and second-class citizenship, until they were legally denied any power of self-determination and stripped of their Constitutionally guaranteed rights of franchise.

In only one variant of the American Christian war against Mormonism, this is how the good Christians of Missouri explained their attempted Mormon genocide in 1833:

We, the undersigned, citizens of Jackson County, believing that an important crisis is at hand, as regards our civil society, in consequence of a pretended religious sect of people that have settled, and are still settling in our county, styling themselves ‘Mormons;’ and intending, as we do, to rid our society, ‘peaceably if we can, forcibly if we must,’ and believing as we do, that the arm of the civil law does not afford us a guarantee, or at least a sufficient one, against the evils which are now inflicted upon us, and seem to be increasing, by the said religious sect, deem it expedient, and of the highest importance, to form ourselves into a company for the better and easier accomplishment of our purpose….

It is more than two years since the first of these fanatics, or knaves, (for one or the other they undoubtably are) made their first appearance amongst us, and pretended as they did, and now do, to hold personal communication and converse face to face with the Most High God; to receive communications and revelations direct from heaven; to heal the sick by laying on hands; and, in short, to perform all the wonder working miracles wrought by the inspired Apostles and Prophets of old.

…More than a year since it was ascertained that they had been tampering with our slaves, and endeavoring to sew dissensions and raise seditions amongst them….

In a late number of the Star, published in Independence by the leaders of the sect, there is an article inviting free negroes and mulattoes from other states to become “Mormons,” and remove and settle among us. This exhibits them in still more odious colors…for it would require none of the supernatural gifts that they pretend to,to see that the introduction of such a caste amongst us would corrupt our blacks, and instigate them to blood shed.

They openly blaspheme the Most High God and cast contempt on His holy religion by pretending to receive revelations direct from heaven, by pretending to speak unknown tongues, by direct inspiration and by divers pretenses derogatory to God and religion, and to the utter subversion of human reason.

Under such a state of things, even our beautiful county would cease to be a desirable residence, and our situation intolerable. We therefore agree that after timely warning, and receiving an adequate compensation for what little property they cannot take with them, they refuse to leave us in peace, as they found us we agree to use such means as may be sufficient to remove them, and to that end we each pledge to each other our bodily powers, our lives, fortunes and sacred honors. [Emphasis added.]

History of the Church, Volume One , pages 374-375.

The Mormons called this the “Mob Manifesto.” The old Christian settlers called this the “Secret Constitution.” the State of Missouri called it “Executive Order #44.” There are still Christians willing to openly argue that it was a reasonable reaction to what they considered some very annoying Mormon neighbors. Christians believe7478-art_JesusSaves_10709 they have a Constitutional right to not be annoyed by non-Christians. I mean this literally, and so do they.

Glenn Beck is fond of using the phrase: “We pledge our lives, fortunes and sacred honors,” or variations thereof, in rallying his  mobs of fans into swearing oaths of loyalty to the Constitution of the United States. Apparently he’s not bright enough to realize this phrase was the same phrase used to pledge his own destruction, forsworn generations ago by the very Christians he now seeks to rally for what he thinks is the common good of the nation.

Brannon Howse, founder of Worldview Weekend, which organizes Christian conferences, before Beck’s Washington DC rally in 2011 warned:

“The Apostle Paul warns Christians against uniting with unbelievers in spiritual endeavors. While I applaud and agree with many of Glenn Beck’s conservative and constitutional views, that does not give me or any other Bible-believing Christian justification to compromise Biblical truth by spiritually joining Beck.”

David Shedlock, writer with the evangelical blog Caffeinated Thoughts commented on the same subject:

“Jesus Christ’s Church has universally rejected Mormonism’s Anti-Trinitarian theology and its claim that mortals may become God. Beck asks Christian leaders to ‘put differences aside,’ but Beck himself daily peppers his broadcasts with Mormon distinctives because he cannot keep his beliefs to himself.”

Richard Land, the Southern Baptist Convention’s head of Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission in a recent NPR interview said that Glenn Beck’s Mormonism “is not a Christian faith,” though he accepted that president Obama’s liberal Christianity which supported abortion and a host of other ills, was orthodox. Land suggested that, “Perhaps the most charitable way for an evangelical Christian to look at Mormonism is to look at Mormonism as the fourth Abrahamic faith.”

Time’s Amy Sullivan notes in a recent column by Russell Moore, dean of the School of Theology of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, that Moore dismisses Beck for preaching a “watered down theology that’s short on the gospel.”

k546e5_jesus_savesLike the evangelicals today who openly criticize Glenn Beck for doing what they wish they could be as successful at doing, the Secret Christian Constitution was authored in Jackson County Missouri, in 1833 by a committee of Christian clergymen. This tribunal was headed by one Reverend Benton Pixley, Baptist, with clergy associates named, Bogart, who was a Methodist and captain in the state militia, as well as Reverends Isaac McCoy, Finnis Ewing, Fitzhugh, Kavanaugh, Lovelady, Likens, Hunter and others, all of whom persistently published anti-Mormon inflammatory tracts and corresponded to local and Eastern papers with libelous abandon against Mormonism.

Pixley was referred to by the Mormons as “a black rod in the hand of Satan.” He had been sent to “civilize” (Christianize) the heathen of the West. He told the Indians that the Mormons were devils who would destroy them. He told the “Old Settlers” that the Mormons were in league with the “savages” and the slaves, and were trying to drive them from their rightful place.

Not to be outdone by Benton Pixley and the Baptists, Reverend Finnis Ewing, head of the Cumberland Presbyterian church, is credited with publishing the definitive anti-Mormon credo:

“The Mormons are the common enemies of mankind, and ought to be destroyed.”

The signers of the Secret Constitution first secured the support of most of the local elected officials and officers of the law. They had long been inciting anti-Mormon incidents under various conspiratorial rationale, and the local rabble was just busting to panic. The situation came to a head on election day in the town of Gallatin. First, a group of Mormons had to box their way into a public polling place that had been blocked by a Christian mob organized by a Christian candidate who claimed they would take over the county if they were allowed to vote. The Christians retreated from the fisticuffs, led by their candidate, and swore to return with firearms. The Mormons came back with their own and shooting commenced.

mormons-missouriThe Mormons appealed for state protection and the governor sent troops out. Guess what: the troops didn’t protect the Mormons at all. They joined forces with the freelance mobs rallied by Christian ministers and local politicians who had besieged the nearby Mormon settlement of DeWitt, and was trying to starve out its population. One state detachment led by the noble Christian minister, Captain or “Reverend” Bogart, raided the village of Haun’s Mill, trapped most of its men in a blacksmith’s shed, and picked them off through the wide cracks in its log sides. Sardius Smith was a child of ten when a militiaman named William Reynolds found him cowering under the bellows after the battle, and blew off the top of his head saying, “Nits will make lice, and if he had lived he would have been a Mormon.” Reynolds bragged about watching the boy’s lengthy death struggle at local grog shops for years afterward. In the same battle, Captain Bogart demanded the surrender of an old man, took the old man’s gun and killed him with his own weapon, and then laughed gleefully as he hacked the body to shreds with a large knife. He and others hacked several of the dead and dying to pieces as well, and left them as an example for those who later had to come claim the dead.

517309_f496But Reverend Bogart wasn’t so victorious against armed and prepared Mormon defenders. The esteemed Methodist minister had taken his mob-militia through the countryside and began raiding Mormon settlements as he came upon them. It didn’t take long for the Mormons to organize a counterforce, and when Mormons began very effectively taking his troops down right and left, Bogart sent a dispatch to Missouri’s governor Boggs, claiming that the whole county was being overrun by a lawless, marauding Mormon army. In return for winning the election, Lilburn W. Boggs issued a “fire at will” order of extermination.

Armed with the Governor’s authorization, Reverend Bogart fulfilled the aims of Pixley’s Secret Constitution  in the rape and pillage of Far West, where most of Mormondom had surrendered for protection to regular state troops. But by the time all was said and done however, the regulars were so infiltrated with Bogart’s mob-militia and other adventurous types, that as the last weapon was grounded, a “whoop” went out from the soldiery around them. The entire, penned-in and now unarmed Mormon population was set upon and openly brutalized for weeks under the approving eyes of at least twenty Christian clergymen who held court with the militia over the fate of their conquests. Women were strapped to benches and raped to death in full public view while Christian clergymen debated the “heretical crimes” of Joseph Smith within earshot of the screaming.emilesignol-thetakingofjerusalem

Smith himself was chained in a public square in the winter rain while Christian militiamen cracked open the skull of a companion so they could challenge Smith to heal him. Smith was forced to watch the brains of his friend slowly ooze out beside him in the storm as they faded into death.

(See Essentials of Church History, or any Mormon history or the Missouri legislative record for the details. Don’t bother looking in Christian retellings, they omit the raping and pillaging and burning and looting and murder and mayhem.)

It’s a recurring theme, I know. I just can’t express the irony of Beck’s affiliation with these sorts of  “Christian America” zealots clearly enough in words: “Historic” Christians have no substantial respect for, or belief in the Constitution, its officers and legal tradition, nor the democratic process in any form, except insofar as these continue in their estimation to coincide with “Biblical” or traditional Christian doctrines and objectives:

“When you’ve got a religious system that denies the divinity of Jesus Christ and the power of the shed blood of Jesus on the cross, then you’d better believe I’m prepared to go to war!”

Bob Larson, “Talk Back,” 8 May, 1991.

“It [Christianity] is a belief that completely molds the lives of those who believe in it.”

James Kennedy, “Truths That Transform,” 15 May, 1991.

Now, apart from complaints about Glenn Beck stirring up the Old Christian Settler’s slaves into rebellion—Beck has received essentially the same criticisms from modern Christian leaders that were used by period Christian clergies in the dawn of Mormonism to kill Joseph Smith and his fellow Saints off. So, on top of dealing with the crushing antagonism of the Godless Secular Humanist/Commie/Progressive social engineers he makes his specific political targets, Beck should also be well aware that he will never be a member of the Christian club. Not even on a political level. The Bible is Christian politics.

It’s not a question of Beck’s intelligence that makes him such an idiot. It’s a question of discernment and not Glenn-Beck-Moses-cropped-proto-custom_21having any natural, healthy cynicism. Mormons in general have neither discernment nor any instinctive skepticism. Glenn Beck has less healthy wariness than most, because there’s nothing more self-righteous or self-absorbed than a reformed hooker. In Beck’s case, make that a Mormon alcoholic. And having conquered that, he now is compelled to make his life worth something, something BIG. SOON. Something. Tune in tomorrow to hear what’s coming next

While I believe he’s earnest and does his homework, frankly, he’s basically the guy you read about in 1 Corinthians 4:10, making himself a “fool for Christ.” It’s admirable in a way, but embarrassing to watch. Glenn Beck knows that politics is just war by other means. How can he not see that the Christian political soldier marches on to war to enforce this ideology:

“You just look around and see everything that is just and right and good has come at the influence of evangelical Christians!… The unbelievers will be cast into the Lake of Fire. I did not write that. I could not. But the Lord did.”

David Briese, Southwest Radio Church, 14 June, 1991.

Bob Shmitgal makes plain the inescapably negative Christian psyche better than I ever could:

“The humanist idea that I have the goodness in me to become what God created me to be is leading people into hell. Within us there is no good thing without Christ. Even the good things we do without Christ are evil.”

26 November, 1988, “Looking Up.”

The Trinity Decision was a petty US Supreme Court ruling back in 1892, that allowed a local church to import a minister and sidestep some federal protectionist immigration labor laws in doing so. It’s a waste of time to fully delineate the case but the Christian Nation movement is simply in love with it.

Dr. James Kennedy, and his “Truths That Transform,” on-air ministry led the last century’s Christian Nation movement’s advance into unceasing public Christian intimidation of “non-Christians.” On 26 September, 1988, at the peak of the Last Temptation of Christ mania, he wrapped up his condemnation of the “pagans” responsible for said motion picture, by citing the “Trinity Decision’s” alleged Christening of America as a Christian Nation. Then he outlined the “mission” of the Church in this “Christian Nation”:

“#1 Witness and multiply. If each Christian makes one convert, it would produce a Christian majority overnight.

#2 Obey the Cultural Mandate. Influence young people, the professions, and the press.

#3 Pray to recapture the Christian heritage surrendered in politics.”

Kennedy got blunter in later broadcasts:

“Am I trying to Christianize America? You bet your boots I am…! I’m dr-d-james-kennedynot only trying to Christianize America, I’m trying to Christianize every nation in the world…! [America was founded] as it says in the Mayflower compact, the birth certificate of America, “for the advancement of the Christian Faith.”

[8 November, 1988.]

“Only those living licentious and degraded lives would object to a Christian government…. We, without a doubt, have far more heathen in America today, than when the Pilgrims stepped off the Mayflower onto Plymouth Rock.”

[Election day, 11 November 1988.]

“I am a conspirator. I am part of the Holy Conspiracy. And I am a conspirator with Christ in the greatest movement in history to change mankind…. The very word [mankind] is ours…. And in case you didn’t know: our side wins! I’ve read the end of the Book! …One day our Lord will crush the head of every serpent…”

[4 December, 1989.]

News for Glenn Beck: You’re a serpent. Think about it. With friends like that, who needs mobocrats?

There’s a fine line between vigilance and paranoia. Glenn Beck doesn’t know what’s on either side of that line.

I know where Glenn Beck is going. I know where Glenn Beck is leading you. Glenn Beck is leading you to a basement full of mildewed textured vegetable protein chunks in five gallon buckets next to your wheat storage. He’s leading you to boxes and cans of freeze-dried ice cream and dehydrated peas. He’s leading you to fifty-gallon drums full of treated water and a hand-bulk-food-storagepowered wheat grinder. He’s leading you to a garage full of 30-pound tins of US Civil Defense candy and protein wafers from 1962 packed out of the subterranean boiler room of the Downtown Athletic Club in 1972 when your ward got to clean out and distribute these expired survival commodities as they disbanded the program. He’s leading you to a lifetime of waiting for three, four, five maybe six “balloons” to go up before you finally tell him to piss off, you want your garage back, and you’re finally going to clean the rotting survivalist crap out of the basement and put in a pool table.

And then you’ll putter along with the rest of us pretty much as usual through another half a lifetime of the same old crap waiting patiently to die, while Glenn counts his gold coins and enjoys life in the catbird’s seat.


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